Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Entertainment pundit and member of Sagani TV’s Chop De Mic crew, Abdul Rahman Haruna, known in the industry as Jarul has added his voice to the ongoing debate whether the winner of 2020 Chop De Mic, Don Dee should participate in the yet to be held The Throne Concert by the 69 boss, Maccassio, saying that this a golden opportunity for the rapper to grow.

According to him, Ataaka, who is regarded as senior and “manager” to Don Dee has wasted the latter’s talent for long, and it is time the Taaka Music boss allowed his “boy” to use other musicians, irrespective of the beef between them.

“Don Dee has been in the system for long. But, he is not seeing progress in his career because of the attitude of Ataaka, his senior”, Jarul told today, August 2.

“He needs his seniors’ support. He needs Fancy Gadam. He needs Maccassio. If Ataaka has issues with any artists, he should settle with them without letting it affect Don Dee. Wiz Child and Fadlan got the spotlight at a time Don Dee was already popular. So why is he struggling to make it, if not unnecessary beef?”, he asked.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Don Dee was allegedly suspended from the Taaka music team over his desire to perform on the Throne Concert

Even though rapper’s name was initially excluded in the previous flyer Maccasio released on his social media handle.

“The organizers for the oncert have finally come into agreement that giving the young talent the exposure on that night will be a plus to his music career there by giving him the opportunity”, published.

“Maccasio this morning took to his official social media handle to share a well designed flyer of Don Dee as a supporting artist to his Throne Concert”, the portal concluded.

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