Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A northerner-based entertainment pundit and member of the Sagani TV’s Chop De Mic crew, Haruna Abdul Rahman known in the industry as Jarul has gotten a neutral reply from Yakubu Issah, the rapper known as Ataaka for sharing his thoughts on the twin shows happening on August 21 this year.

According to Jarul, it is embarrassing to for a rapper or artist to stage a show on same day his colleague in the industry is having a show, knowing the decision will affect one.

Read the entire piece below:

“God has so many ways of blessing his servant and for whosoever tries to pull them down shall be put to shame, I have never been disappointed in my life in the industry like this before.

Let no single soul lie to you that this is show business and let no single soul lie to you that the street carnival will affect Maccassio show and also let no single soul tell you this show is not one of the most useless ever in the history of Dagban .

You may say it is normal because Maccassio has his fans and ataaka has his fans too but let’s remind ourselves that tamale music industry is very small for this kind of competition, we have a particular and same fans patronizing our shows .

All this nonsense is as a result of Don Dee been billed to perform the show and this won’t have any issh on the show.

I have known ataaka for years and I am very sure he has been pushed to do this. But ataaka should know that there is no permanent enemy on the streets and in this business so for him to think of sabotaging his brother or colleague artist just because he thinks it is show business then he should think better .

Maccassio has spent so much into this show and ataaka should know better to use this as a means to bully Maccassio.

Today is for Maccassio tomorrow might be you ataaka.

I come in peace”

In response, Ataaka described Jarul as ignorant and hypocrite for choosing a side in the matter of two (2) musicians having a beef.

Red the full response below:

“Am not as indignant with the person who Carry’s me aloft on his shoulder as l am with the foolish bystander who held pebbles at me and asked people to watch me just because l am a monkey.

The ignorance of the world often makes people believe that life should be black and white. And that !! a misunderstanding between two people u must favor one and demean the other, so the world of colourful gradients goes unadmired.

To those so called social media Entertainment pundits without pay stop being bias and hypocrites. You can’t cast a negative net and expect to catch anything positive.

Who the cap 🧢 fits ?”

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