Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Family of the late 19-year old motor mechanic Isahaku Yakubu whose hand was amputated after a tipper truck fell on him in the early hours of Saturday morning, August 7, 2021 is threatening lawsuit against officials of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) of Medical Negligence.

The family said they are seeking for justice for the death of their son. They believe the death of the teenager was untimely and could have been avoided if not for the “reckless breach of medical impropriety” by officials of the hospital.

On Saturday August 7, 2021 around 8:00am, Isahaku Yakubu who is now late was rushed to the emergency ward of Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) after he was involved in an accident with tipper truck.

A family brother and pharmacist, Issifu Nurudeen who was with Issahaku (deceased) before his untimely death told the patient had a low-volume shock (hypovolemic shock), a life threatening emergency when they arrived at the hospital facility and had expected nurses on duty to have acted with some sense of urgency.

Mr Nurudeen is therefore accusing the hospital officials of ‘unprofessional conduct’. He alleged when his brother was rushed to the ward, nurses “tired the amputated hand with catheter and bandaged it without any proper cleaning”.

He said doctors and nurses were adamant and acted unconcerned even when the hand needed to be redressed the following day, adding, the hand got infected because it wasn’t professionally handled.

Speaking in pain, brother of the alleged victim of hospital negligence said “I am a healthcare practitioner myself; so therefore I know how important it is to clean up an open wound before covering it. If you look at the scene and nature of the accident, it’s not impossible for the amputated hand to be infected, because sea sand contains some considerable amount of bacteria”

Nurudeen insist the nurses were not so familiar with the procedure. “I went to the blood bank to arrange for donors because they said they needed 4 blood bag but we donated 8 in case they needed more, but sadly at around 11pm on Sunday, he was pronounced dead.

When Sagani Tv reached out to Tamale Teaching Hospital, Public Relations Officer, Misbao M. Mohammed responding to the allegations said, “haven’t perused the medical records of the deceased, we (TTH) are convinced that the health workers did their best”.

According to him, “everything was done to ensure he (Issahaku Yakubu) survives, but unfortunately he had multiple shocks in the cause of his treatment and one of the shocks lead to his death”.

He also said, the hospital would have loved if the issue is not taken to court. “We would have loved that this thing doesn’t get to the law court, but when it does, we would have no option than to avail ourselves to the process”

Meanwhile, this is not the first the hospital has been accused of alleged medical misconduct and negligence.


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