Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Management of Savelugu hospital has reportedly asked a woman who was given a dead child to bury to exhume the corpse, saying it belonged to a Fulani family, not the Dagomba man.

According to a man identified as Mohammed Abdul Mumin Stopper on Facebook, the incident happened about a week ago in the municipality.

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Commenting on a similar incident on Sagani TV’s Facebook page on a story titled – “Medical Negligence: Family threatens lawsuit against Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) in death of 19-year old mechanic”, he wrote, “that is what is happening in Savelugu here especially the maternity ward. Full of negligence nurses.”

“My brother’s wife gave birth last week in Savelugu, and a Fulani woman gave birth as well. Unfortunately, the Fulani woman’s baby died, and the nurses informed my brother that his son had died. My brother took the dead baby home and buried him, but later the nurses informed him that the dead baby was for the Fulani woman, and they would have to dig and remove the dead baby again”, he revealed.

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According to unconfirmed reports, the Fulani woman demanded to have the dead baby, so they had to exhume the dead baby for her.

In Ghana, the general populace has conflicting feelings about the quality of healthcare services. While some feel Ghana has some of the top health practitioners in the world working in our facilities, some disagree.

For some time now, Ghanaians have been writing on social media about how the country’s health system is messed up, and have simply advised people to pray to always wake up in good health.

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