Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Former president of Ghana and 2020 flagbearer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has indicated that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is asking for more years to cover up the ills committed during their eight (8) years stay in power.

President Mahama made these remarks when he was speaking to Radio Tamale’s Robicon Mornahson yesterday Wenesday, August 18 as part of his Thank You Tour in the Northern Region, after the 2020 elections.

“They say politicians are liars. Politicians don’t tell the truth. We here a lot of them in among the youth. But it’s lesser among the electorates. A government comes and says I will buil 350 new secondary schools. And on the basis of that you vote for them. Or a government comes and says when I come I am going to create jobs and put money into your pockets. And 5 yeas on, you feel poorer even before they came. Or 5 years on more young people are unemployed more than before. These things, the net efforts or impact is that, it changes the fate of the people in the democratic system that we have”, he told the host.

“And that is why today you can find more young people come out to say just fix the country. Fix the country. It demands our collective efforts as leaders. We should not say it is only they who are in government. We should look at it beyond NPP. And when NDC comes, they will ask you to fix it. So I am saying that this is the time to engage our youth. We need an agenda that will force, and it is more radical that will change the fortunes of our country. And i think that it is not in the head of one president. Or in the bossom of one political party. If will take a lot of collaboration. It will take a lot of consensus builong. It will take a lot of accountability. Holding people accountable”, the NDC 2020 flagbearer added.

According to him, the constitution of Ghana did not state the 8 years mandate to political party or government for nothing.

He emphasized that it gives the successor governments the opportunity to thoroughly scrutinize their predecessors, to e sure the country’s resources did not go waste, and to him, the reason why the NPP is asking for more years is to keep power to cover up the mess created while in government.

“They say, break the 8, so sweep every useless thing we have done under the carpet, put someone who is amenable to us so that we don’t account for our 8 years. No, accountability must take place. You have been in government for 8 years, so a new government must come and hold you to account. Why did you do that? why did you do this? People are happy to run away with the loot that they have made”, he stated.

“I came out to say, prosecute any of my people who you believe is corrupt when we were in government”, president Mahama concluded.

The NDC 2020 flagbearer begun the nationwide tour intended to thank Ghanaians for their votes in the 2020 presidential election.

The tour across all the 16 regions will take place in phases with the first phase ending on Monday, August 23, 2021.

He has since ended the Northern Regional tour, and is currently in the Savannah Region, where he comes from.

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