Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A Ghanaian unemployed university graduate (name withheld) has lamented over his inability to get job after completing university for ten (10) years.

According to him, the situation sometimes pushes him to consider taking his own live, but he always thinks about his children and how they will fare after his death.

He disclosed this to the National Deputy Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, Mr. Edem Agbana, who posted a screenshot of the chat by the said unemployed graduate.

“Senior, please I don’t think I can continue hiding my problems from you. I know the burden on you that is why I don’t want to add you more burden but things are getting worst as each day passes. After graduating in 2011, I have never had a job. All efforts proved futile. For 10 years being jobless after graduation you can imagine the psychological trauma that is going through my mind”, he told the NDC Deputy Youth Organizer.

“Indeed, I look at how my 2 children will fare with the system without me, that’s the only reason I tried avoiding suicidal thoughts”, he added.

Screenshot below:

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