Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Communications Director for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP ) in the Binbila Constituency and member of the party regional communications team, Alhaji Abdul-Malik Shaibu has taken a swipe at the section of Ghanaians who condemn the decision by the National Chief Imam, Sheik Osman Nuhu Sharubutu to contribute 50, 000 GHC towards the building of the national cathedral.

Sharing his thoughts on the debate whether it was proper for the Chief Imam to make such move or not, Alhaji Malik indicated that many of those condemning the action of the chief imam were fed during their primary school days by various Christian sects in the northern part of Ghana.

“Less, I forget! Those shouting haram about the donation where the same people the Christians fed with chicaba to keep them in basic school. Oh we know!”, he wrote.

Chikaba was part of dishes in the northern part of Ghana in the 80s to the 90s. And it looked like broken rice grains, prepared by mission schools to entice students in the basic level to stay in schools.

It was a sort of school feeding program, by the Christians to increase enrollment in the schools, particularly, the mission schools, such as Assembly of God.

There has been widespread condemnation by some Muslims on social media over the National Chief Imam’s 50, 000 GHC cash support to build the national cathedral in the Accra.

But, according to Sheikh Aremeyaw the spokesperson of the chief Imam, “the donation by the Chief Imam is to demonstrate the mutual cooperation that exists between Ghanaians of all religious faith.

Hence the gesture was to further deepen the peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in the country.

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