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A pastor in Takoradi known as Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong has landed in trouble after impregnating the wife of his church member after having several sexual intercourse with her under the guise of delivering her from spiritual marriage.

According to the report on Sky 93.5FM, the lady the pastor impregnated who’s name is Regina Ankrah has filed a suit against the pastor at a Takoradi Circuit Court.

The rest of the report on Sky Fm’s website continues:

According to the Statement of Claim by the court, Regina, who is now a former member of the church was lured into multiple sexual intercourses after Pastor Jude prophesized to her that she was married in the spiritual realm to her deceased father and for that matter, she would not be successful in any marriage unless exorcised.

Regina to some extent believed the prophecy because she has had two issues with two different men without marriage.

Pursuant to the prophecy, Pastor Jude took her through some spiritual rituals which ended up with him sleeping with her as part of the deliverance process at a hotel in Kumasi just one week before her wedding with her fiance.

She claimed she could not believe herself sleeping with the pastor and suspects that purportedly delivering her from an evil spirit, cast a spell on her which gave him access to have sexual intercourse with her.

Regina got married to her fiancée on 15th November 2015, at the church with Pastor Jude playing a pivotal role in her marriage and invited his uncle who is also a pastor in another church to bless the marriage.

She said her sexual escapade with the pastor after her marriage did not cease but she was compelled to have several sexual intercourse with him all at his request for over a period of 4 years all under the guise of delivering her.

As part of the deliverance, she was instructed by the pastor not to allow her husband to sleep with her since it would affect him and her siblings which she obliged for fear of losing her life.

Regina disclosed that her mother came to know of this adulterous relationship and advised her to stop but Pastor Jude would not agree and rather came to beg her mother that he would eventually marry her with the full knowledge that she was a wedded woman.

As proof of his determination to marry her, he gave her a promissory ring with the instructions to replace it with her wedding ring which she obliged and upon being noticed by her husband resulted in serious misunderstandings.

Regina said finally after four years of the adulterous relationship, she became pregnant and as she had never slept with her husband all these years, her husband took the issue to court for a divorce.

The Pastor did not deny the responsibility of the pregnancy and asked Regina not to worry with the promise to marry her should she be divorced as a result of the exposure of the adulterous relationship which had become an open secret at the church.

Pastor Jude and his uncle approached Regina’s family to acknowledge the paternity of the child and presented a name to be given to the child.

He was thereafter maintaining the home by remitting her Ghc500.00 a month for her upkeep and that of the child.

Plans were afoot between the parties to get married until the relation became sour when the pastor started neglecting her and their child which resulted in Regina sending the matter to legal aid Sekondi for resolution.

When the matter was called, the pastor did not turn up but was represented by her mother.

Regina’s claim was for the maintenance of arrears of Ghc2500.00 including medical bills a request for new accommodation for Plaintiff and the child as well compensation for her desertion by him.

Pastor Jude’s mother indicated at the sitting that her son was in Accra and would not be available but she was asked to appear personally.

A week after the sitting he went to legal aid and caused the payment of ghc1500 of the arrears of maintenance but contended that he is not liable to pay any compensation to her because she is not his wife and further that he would be travelling outside Ghana and so he would therefore not have time to attend a further hearing before the legal aid so, therefore, she can take the case to anywhere she wanted.

Regina says the Pastor cannot renege on his promise to marry her having caused her to make several sacrifices including the loss of her marriage as well as her being disgraced and publicly ridiculed.

Also, the replacement of her wedding ring with the promissory ring bought for her by Jude at his request and instructions is a clear case that there was a promise to marry which caused her to alter her life.

Source : Chris Handler

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