Weed smokers appeal to gov’t to ban tramadol, cocaine, say they’re reason people think weed is evil


Some weed smokers in the Bimbila municipality are calling on the government ban all kinds of drugs, except marijuana in the area, stressing that it is the combination of drugs such as cocaine, tradmodol, codain, and others cause madness.

Speaking to the media, one of the popular weed sellers known as father, who is in his 50s disclosed that his biological mother sometimes supplies him the stuff, telling him that it is the reason he, father is calm and doesn’t appear violent, even when he is provoked.

“My I was so stubborn. Very stubborn that I could become violent at the least provocation, when I was a child. But in latter years, my mom told me he believed when I begun smoking weed, I became so calm and humble. And that is why she supplies me with it”, father disclosed.

His friend, who was by him at the time of the interview and wanted to be identified as Alhassan also said weed is medicinal. And that what you think before taking weed, is what it will help you do.

According to him, he has been taking Indian hemp for fourty (40) years. That is, from 1981 when he was fifteen (15) years to 2021, and he has never fallen sick.

“Look at me. I am 55 years today, but I still look younger than most of my colleagues who were born at the same time with me. Weed is not bad. It is medicinal. But if you add any other substance to it, the results will be undesirable”, Mr. Alhassan told the media.

The team visited about four (4) weed smoking bases or ghettos within the Bimbila township, and their message was the same.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the area, Mr. Abdulai Yakubu has said the assembly of which he is the boss will soon come out with byelaw to vigorously to flush out marijuana smokers in the area.

The MCE therefore sent a strong warning to them that the authority will come after them.

He however concluded by commending Radio Bimbila for the good work done by providing a platform to educate the youth on the dangers of drugs, including weed.


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