Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Karaga Constituency, Alhassan Sualihu Dandaawa has responded to his successor, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam a.k.a. Anta on the latter’s recent comment on “Akpeteshie Politics” in the area.

Speaking exclusively to following the comments by Dr. Anta at an event to extend electricity some communities in the constituency, he wondered why his successors would want to pooh-pooh his eight (8) achievement in the constituency.

“Nobody is giving the people akpeteshie instead of development. If he thinks so, how did he get to the communities? Did he fly?”, the former MP asked.

“At least, thank me for the roads that led you to the people. If I was not giving them development, you wouldn’t be able to reach the people in their communities, let alone extend electricity to them. My achievement is sine qua non for your success”, he told Dr. Anta.

Dr. Anta described his works so far in the constituency as “unprecedented,”, saying, “The trend of politics in karaga has changed, the people need development and that is what I am doing. I am not a type of MP who will only remember his people during election periods with Akpeteshie. My Akpeteshie is to provide electricity and potable water for my people.”

Diamond FM online has reported that he has so far facilitated and hooked over 48 communities unto the national grid in less than a year as MP for the area, as he extended electricity to four more communities in the Karaga District ; Namang, Binkoli, Naloli and Tambigu to be precise.

“Street lights were installed in all the beneficiary communities whilst over a thousand LED bulbs were distributed to the communities. The chiefs of the beneficiary communities also received 43 inch Television sets from the MP”, the story on Diamond FM online said.

According to Dr. Anta, this is in fulfillment of the promises he made to the people during the 2020 campaign, when he was seeking for their mandate.

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