Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Police detectives have been advised to avoid the use of ‘Twi’ during court proceedings.

According to a Daily Guide report, COP Isaac Ken Yeboah, the Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), said some detectives, during cross-examination in court as witnesses, speak the local dialect instead of the standard English.

He said this is because of the poor command some detectives have in expressing themselves in the English language.

COP Isaac Ken Yeboah: Don’t speak twi in court, its a disgrace to the service – CID Boss to Police detectives Source: Daily Guide

“When you go to court to testify, don’t go and say, My Lord, please I will speak Twi. It should be out of the question. It brings disgrace to the service,” he stated.

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The CID boss said this while addressing some detectives during an eight-week detective course at the Detective Training Academy in Accra.

The detectives were also urged by the CID Boss to put in quality time when it comes to interrogating suspects and victims in order to put together great reports.

“Criminals will try to influence you to compromise your integrity and your professional ethics, but remain resolute and incorruptible,” he said, adding “You have to be caring and compassionate by taking your work seriously. Pursuing the offender and updating the complainant on the development of the case is the way to go.”, COP Isaac Ken Yeboah said, according to Daily Guide. also reported that, former CID boss, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo Danquah, who became popular due to the numerous cases that went to the CID headquarters of the Ghana Police service has revealed what she wished she had done right.

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According to the former CID boss, who now heads the Welfare department of the Ghana Police Service, her unit did not handle communication properly.

In a video sighted by on TV3, she revealed that the inability of the police to divulge information to the media created a lot of misrepresentation.

She added that in the absence of the full information from the police service, the media would find ways and means to fill the gap which was left vacant by the police.

COP Addo Danquah added that when issues arise, the police have to give every information out so that they would not come back to defend a misreported news the media carried.


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