Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

The aide to the veep sat across from TT, saying,

” Uncle T, the vice president says that for the period of five years, every six months your 3k is sorted. So for the next five years you’re not going to have to struggle to pay your rent”.

When the aide finished talking, he held out 30,000 cedis to TT. TT growled in surprise, as what unfolded right before his eyes was too shocking to be true.

What the aide said still didn’t sink in, so TT asked again to clear all doubts.

” So that is for the next five years” ?
” Yes, for the next five years”, the aide reiterated.

Overwhelmed by emotions, TT looked down at the money in his hand and said something revealing.

” You know something, I haven’t held something like this before . Mr Vice president, thank you “.

TT was in the middle of thanking the vice president when the aide announced the icing on the cake

” Hold on, the aide said. “The vice president says you need to eat. He said that I should give you 20,000 cedis for your up keep”

TT became speechless at this moment, and managed only to say ‘Naagoode ‘

By Jabir Gbambegu

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