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A group calling itself Patriotic of Mankarigu Youth Area (PAYOMA) has expressed its dissatisfaction over exclusion of one Haruna Shaibu’s name in the purported list of the MMDCEs Vetting Committee being circulated on social media.

In a press release copied to and signed by one Amadu Haruna who is Ag. Secretary and commutations Director for the group, the members said, “The issues we are against and unhappy about are : 1. Exclusion of Haruna Shaibu from the committee’s report.
2. The reason being given for the appointment of Hon. Samuel Tika.”

Read the I full statement below:


14th September, 2021


Hello ladies and gentlemen. We are glad to come your way with this release. We hope it finds you well.

First and foremost, the above youths of the Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency wish to thank H.E President Akufo Addo and his government once again for appointing the sons of our constituency as Deputy Health Minister, Deputy CEO and Board Member for the Minerals Commission. We are indeed very lucky and will remain eternally grateful for these favour.

That notwithstanding, we the youths and the entire membership of NPP in the Mankarigu zone have taken a critical note of a recommendation that is contained in a purported MMDCEs Vetting Committee Report that is circulating in social media.
Even though we cannot ascertain the veracity of the report, we still deem it necessary to express our reservations and candid opinion regarding certain portions of the report specifically for North Gonja District or Daboya/ Mankarigu Constituency.

In the said report, the Committee recommends Mr. Adam Eliasu for renomination as DCE for our district and the appointment of Mr. Samuel Tika. Before proceeding, we want to state emphatically for the records and for the avoidance of doubt and mischief that we hold nothing against these two galant leaders of our party neither are we against their appointment.

The issues we are against and unhappy about are:
1. Exclusion of Haruna Shaibu from the committee’s report.
2. The reason being given for the appointment of Hon. Samuel Tika

To the first issue, Mr. Haruna Shaibu is the only DCE aspirant from the Mankarigu zone who had the opportunity to be part of the National vetting at the Jubilee House but going through the report, one would realize that his name is conspicuously missing from the committee’s report. We are perturbed and scandalized by this situation and demand a swift explanation. The question begging for answers is; whether it is a clerical error or a deliberate and clandestine attempt to alienate the entire zone from the party and government. If the latter is the case, then the party is stirring a hornet’s nest and must be prepared for the sting.

Now to the issue of Hon. Samuel Tika’s appointment, the main reason being given as stated in the report is to appease the minority Tampulma group because he is a perceived leader in the Community. We find this statement too unfortunate and must not be repeated. The committee should have known better.

We disagree and disassociate ourselves from this reason because, in our opinion, it is a tribalistic card that is been played to keep the people of Mankarigu Zone in the shadows and to deny us the recognition and appointment we deserve.

To set the records straight Hon. Samuel Tika deserves that appointment not because he is a perceived leader of Tampulmas but because of his monumental and undisputable contribution towards the progress of NPP and our Constituency. His role as a two-term parliamentary candidate of the party and a former deputy Savannah regional minister already makes him a leading figure of the party and the Constituency. So the recommendation for his appointment should have been based on these outstanding credentials but not as a perceived leader of the Tampulma Community in Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency. That perception is problematic and rightfully so because Hon. Samuel Tika is from Lingbinsi Zone or middle belt which has different characteristics and vote pattern from the Mankarigu zone. As you may know, the Mankarigu Zone is not only made up of Tampulmas but also Gonjas and Mamprusis as well. So if Hon. Samuel Tika is being appointed to appease so called Tampulma minority group, what about the other groups?

Therefore, the appointment of Hon. Samuel Tika does not appease the people of Mankarigu zone as much as it does to the people of Lingbinsi Zone. The same brush cannot be used to paint the two zones.

Ladies and gentlemen, the heterogeneous nature of the Mankarigu zone/Area is what makes it unique and deserving of attention. The area has a unique voter characteristics, expectations and vote pattern. It is the only swing zone and determiner of the outcome of elections in Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency. The zone voted for NDC in 2012 and 2016 and switched to the NPP in the 2020 elections, leading to NPPs first ever victory in Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency.

Ladies and gentlemen, reliable and verifiable statistics of the 2020 general elections indicate that the Mankarigu Area got 3, 961 representing 57.01% for President Akufo Addo as against 2, 887 representing 41.55% for John Dramani Mahama.

It even gets better with the Parliamentary Election as the area got 4, 284 representing 60.85% for Hon. Alhaji Mahama Asei Seini of the NPP as against 2, 756 representing 39.15% for Mahama Shaibu of the NDC. If this does not deserve a reward from a political party, what else does? We dare say that to whom much is expected, much should be given.

Ladies and gentlemen, based on the above facts and figures, failure to reward the people of Mankarigu Area by way of appointment will lead to apathy and spell doom for NPP in Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency even before the 2024 general elections.

We therefore conclude by appealing to President Akufo Addo; our father, to reward the effort of Mankarigu area by appointing one of their own to serve in his second term government. Your excellency, in your first term, no son or daughter of the Mankarigu area was given the opportunity to serve in any important office but we were patient and voted overwhelmingly for your victory in 2020 with the hope for a better 2021 but till date, nothing has happened. Please, we deserve a chance in your second term if hard work and patience indeed pays. Thank you.

…….. signed…………….
Amadu Haruna
Ag. Secretary and commutations Director

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