Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

A private person, identified by his Facebook name as Sheikh Simbaako Zandey has taken to Facebook to pour out his frustration to get government agencies responsible for fixing storm drain problems respond over a life threatening issues at the same spot Hajia Fati lost her live some time ago.

According to Dr. Simbaako, it has become a hell for for to get the appropriate quarters to remove a tree that got stuck in the storm drain on Saturday last week, when it rained heavily.

“It is still there. We contacted somebody who was described as a NADMO field worker to alert him of the problem. He told us about a long chain that will take us to the Regional Minister who will authorize them to remove the tree in the storm drain. His argument is that MMDCEs are not in office. I think Emergency Services would have to be redefined in this country”, he wrote.

“I am looking to fix myself now. Any recommendations about a private provider that could remove this to avert potential danger ? We will foot the bill”, Dr. Simbaako added.

It will be recalled that one Hajia Fati, who was 50-year-old got drowned in the same storm drain in the Sagnarigu municipality.

According to reports, Hajia Fati was swept away by the flood after a heavy downpour in July 2017.

In April 2018, a vigilante youth group believed to be associated with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Tamale chased away workers of a local construction firm contracted to build a storm drain and fix the deathtrap gutter at Gumani after some regional executives accused the Municipal Chief Executive, Mariam Iddrisu, of awarding the contract to a contractor purported to be an an NDC member.

A Member of the Council of Patrons of the Party, Alhaji Joe Kadir who led the group to disrupt work and forced workers to evict from the site claimed responsibility for the attack in a brief interview with the media.

The Vice President Alhaji Mahamadu Bawumia had ordered for the immediate construction of the facility after the deceased, was later identified as his classmate in their primary school days.

The New Patriotic Party Northern Regional chairman, Bugri Naabu, had also confirmed the party sanctioned the action of the youth and warned to seize equipment of the contractor if he returned to site.

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