Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The race to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Northern Regional Secretary position is becoming more competitive by each passing day, as the current Regional boss of the National Communications Authority, Mr. Iddrisu Abukari is girding up his loin to contest again.

Mr. Aloma, as he is popularly known lost his bid to occupy the party’s secretary position in the last regional congress.

Declaring his intention to come back last night on Radio Tamale’s evening political talkshow dubbed Velivuhi Dundong’ni hosted by Abdul Shakun Omain, the NCA boss described the NPP’s Northern Regional Secretary position as “dormant”.

“You see the like of Alhaji Harun Beans. Chairman Bugri Naabu. Chairman Do All.Azorka. Alhaji Issah Mobila. Alhaji Adoo. You count them. Those people are fit to be Regional Chairmen. But you see regional secretary, it comes with some levels. The levels are these : one, as a Regional Secretary, you are the chief administrator of the party. And by extension, operational manager. You are the CEO of the party. The progress of the party is in your hands. And mee, that is what I am going to do for NPP, when I become the regional secretary”, he said.

“Communications Director is accountable to you. Youth organizer is accountable to organizer, and the organizer is accountable t you. Meaning they are all answerable to you. Women’s organizer is accountable to you. Apart from the chairman, all the other branches are answerable to the secretary. So if there is no vim. Activism is lacking in the secretary’s position. All these that I have mentioned are going to be dormant”, he added.

Until Alhaji Sibdoo Alhassan became the NPP Northern Regional Secretary, he was the party’s treasurer, after he won massively at their Regional Congress in 2018.

Lawyer Sule Sambian who was the secretary for the former Northern Region had to move to the newly created Northeast Region per a communication by the NPP General Secretary, Mr. John Boadu.

The party’s regional contest is scheduled to come off next year.

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