Savannah Region: Thief, Mahama Haruna, accomplice arrested by police


Two young men identified as Mahama Haruna and Kunle Razack, all residing at Abinga Kura, a suburb of Damongo, the capital of Savannah region, on the night of Friday 17th September, 2021 were spotted at a school named Jakpa JHS “A”, trying to steal the roofing sheets of the school toilet.

The suspects upon raising an alarm by residents near the school took to their heels, leaving behind their sandals.

On Saturday, 18th September, 2021, the headteacher of the school, Mr Mohammed Yakubu (who gave a vivid accounts of the incident) together with some other staff sent the sandals to the house of one of the suspects (Mahama Haruna) who agreed they belong to he and his friend, Razack.

Haruna was deceived to believed that his friend (Razack) had already exposed him. This made him (Haruna) to give in easily.

Just as the team was about to leave, there were three other young men who also approached with a complain that the same suspects visited the house of one of them named Mr. Ahmed, a car mechanic, and made away three car batteries worth Gh¢1700, but unfortunately left behind the hammer used in spoiling the window through which they entered his room. The suspect again affirmed to commiting that crime.

The two suspected criminals, both in their mid 20’s have been arrested by the Damongo municipal police. The roofing sheets were retrieved. The batteries which were already sold out to a scrap dealer at a price of Gh¢120 are yet to be retrieve.

This is because the police met the absence of the scrap dealer, but seized all the weighing scales of the scrap dealer which were hanging at his shop.



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