Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Outgoing District Chief Executive (DCE) for Karaga District, Alhassan Yabdow has finally say goodbye to the people of Karaga District following the announcement of MMDCES names by the local government ministry on Sunday, September 19.

Expressing his gratitude to the people of Karaga on Facebook yesterday Monday, September 20, Mr. Yabdow recounted his sacrifices to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that has brought him this far.

According to him, serving the people of Karaga was a great honor, and plunging the area into violence is not an option, and he is the lady person to do that.

He said the unity of the party is paramount, and must not be downplayed, because the NPP needs everyone to break the 8 in 2024.

Read his full statement below:

I wish to express my profound gratitude to the President of the Republic of Ghana for given me the rare opportunity to served. It was an honor serving the good people of Karaga as the President representative for the period of 2017-2021.

I have been a grassroot party person from polling station to Constituency level and a Regional communication team member. I have communicated the good of the party both on radio and on TV and I will be the least person to caused dissatisfaction and disunity in the party and also believe that, no one will destabilize the party peace, unity and cohesion in my name.

What we need to do as a party is to cooperate and unite behind the President nominee to push the Karaga Projects together. Serving the party has given me the rare understanding that together we will break the 8.

A lot of prospects are ahead of us, and I will like to use this opportunity to plead with all party faithful to remain United and Calmed now and forever.

It’s my expectations, hopes and believe that, Karaga Constituency will remain United and unite
behind the President nominee to execute the Project.

It’s a great pleasure!

Thank you All.

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