Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Incontrovertible information emerging from close sources of Northern regional chairman and executives of the NPP reveals that, a decision has been considered to appoint the current deputy party regional secretary, Yusif Danjimah as next successor to the vacant position of communications director.

Credible insider source within the regional executives of the party revealed that, the regional chairman, Mohammed Bantama Samba, together with other members of the executives have settled on the current acting metro director of NADMO who doubles as deputy regional secretary for the NPP, Yusif Danjimah as the next Communications director for the party.

This move has become necessary following the appointment of Mr. Sule Salifu, as the Tamale metro mce nominee who previously occupied the position in the past four years.

But rumors have it that a majority group within the regional communications team of the NPP in Tamale are beginning to rebel against the decision stating that, the regional deputy communications director, Mohammed Sheriff Ibrahim has been neglected for so long simply because he has no Godfather to fight for him.

According to some of communicators, he is supposed to be the next in line because he labored for the communications team over the years and also stands tall as the most competent for the position.

Mr. Mohammed Sheriff, a lecturer at the Tamale Technical University and an active party communicator for the NPP. Many within and outside the party predicted in his favor for the spot years ago after the exit of then director Mohammed Issah, now the Savannah regional communications director, but was skipped and given to Mr. Sule Salifu.

While some regional communicators believe that, Yusif Danjumah has also paid his dues to the communications team, they say he is not a leadership material.

“Danjimah can not lead the communications, he is not mature or brainy  enough to handle us, can you compare Danjumah to Sherif? My brother, the party belongs to all of us and not just a single group” ~ the source intimated.

Source : Tamalenewsroom


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