Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Baantimah Adam Samba has assured the party’s communicators of proper consultation before appointing someone as Communications Director to replace Mr. Sule Salifu, who is currently waiting for confirmation to be Tamale Mayor.

This was in reaction to a recent publication by and on the secret talk to give the position to the NPP deputy Regional Secretary, Mr. Yussif Danjummah, instead of Mr. Mohammed Sheriff Ibrahim.

“The Regional Chairman wants to put it on record that, the Regional Executive Committee has not met on the above-mentioned subject.
The Regional Executive committee only met and discussed how to put in measures and strategies to ensure that the President’s nominees for MMDCES are fully confirmed by our respected Hon Assembly Members to continue the government agenda for growth and development in the administrative assemblies”, the chairman said in a statement.

“The Regional Chairman wishes to assure party communicators (In studios, Serial callers and social media communicators that, they shall be consulted with all the necessary stakeholders of the party in the region after the confirmation of Hon Sule Salifu as Mayor of Tamale”, the statement added.

He also the opportunity to dispell rumors that there not been meeting to that effect to get a replacement for Sule Salifu.

According to him, the party has so much on its head to deal with in the region, especially towards breaking the 8, and his appealing to the communicators to continue working hard untill the confirmation of Sule Salifu as next Tamale Mayor is over.

“There is work to be done by all and the focus of all Party communicators is to continue to work and ensure the mandate given to us by the Ghanaian people is successful to break the eight (8) years government circle”, Chairman Samba stated.

So far there has been calls from all walks of life to on the chairman Samba led Regional Executives to make Mr. Sheriff the next NPP regional communications director, with some threatening to demonstrate if that is not done.

The NPP deputy regional secretary on yesterday’s evening said the chairman has in the past made similar efforts to get him appointed, but he turned it down, adding that he will accept it this time, of he asks to.

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