Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Some parts of Tamale have been in darkness for almost a week today, since the police assault on some residents of Tamale over power theft, can report.

Many residents of affected areas who spoke to this portal could not understand why punishment of few should be meted out to many.

Expressing their frustrations on different networks, the residents said it was unacceptable and total disrespect to the chiefs of Tamale who interceded with the power providers on behalf of the people.

“To me, the VRA and NEDCO officials does not have respect for our chiefs and leaders in Tamale. Isn’t it embarrassing that Dakpema, Lamashegu Naa and Gukpegu Naa apologized to them and they refused?”, one of the residents asked.

“The Way Vra/Nedco is doing, if Person Talk Now Mark go Carry person go Jail inside….. as it is now just take it like I said what I wanted to say to Vra/Nedco…
Nawuni Nari~ba!!”, another one wrote on Facebook.


Staff of the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) in Tamale withdrew their services over a recent attack on their offices by some youth of the town.

Police officers had accompanied the VRA/NEDCO officials to Lamashegu, Bavum, Nakpanzoo and other areas in the Tamale metropolis to arrest some residents who were illegally using electric power.

But, in the process, the officers assaulted some of the residents, leading to the interdiction of some four Police officers.

After the incident, Police, among other things, visited the victims and paid their medical bills.

The Acting Inspector General of Police, Akuffo Dampare, also spoke to the victims on the phone to reassure them that he will get to the bottom of the issue.

However, despite these efforts being taken by VRA/NEDCo and the Police, some youth in the Metropolis on Saturday, September, 25 hit the streets to protest over the same brutalities.

They vandalised some properties belonging to NEDCo, including two private vehicles.

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