Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Chiefs of Dagbang have expressed anger over the failure of the members of parliament representing the constituencies within the Dagbang kingdom to honor invitation to the launch of Dagbang Development Fund.

Speaking for his colleagues, the highly incensed Tong-Lana Yakubu Andani said this has been happening for some time now, and it was high time the MPs know they were representing the people of the kingdom at the parliament.

According to him, the MPs failed to appear in meetings during the creation of the new regions, to which he believed was part of the factors the led to forfeiting Cherepkoni to Northeast Region.

“Our MPs need to take us serious. They are representing us. But anytime we need them at important function, they won’t honor our invitation”, the Tong-Lana said.

Tong-Lana, Yakubu Andani

Meanwhile, the MP for Gushegu, Lawyer Hassan Tampuli joined the even later, which the Yaa-Naa’s secretary duly acknowledged.

The occasion was graced by all chief of the Dagbang Traditional Council.

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