Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The King of Dagbang, Yaa-Naa Abukari Mahama II has indicated that the Yaa-Naa’s palace will soon deal with chiefs or sub-chiefs who use the lion as emblem of their various palaces.

Addressing the gathering of chiefs in Tamale after the Dagbang Development Fund launch on Saturday, October 2, he said the only person with the power to use the lion symbol or emblem is Yaa-Naa, adding that no chief is allowed to use it.

“There is a new trend which does not auger well for Dagbon Kingdom. And it is not only me, Yaa-Naa who should fight it. It is needs our collective efforts as Dagbonbas. We all should know that only Yaa-Naa’s palace had lion as an emblem. But some chiefs have resorted to using the lion for the purpose of ornament to beautify their palaces and homes”, the king ordered.

“So those who are engaged in it should desist from it. Because you are not Yaa-Naas. It is a bad omen”, he added.

There have been some palaces with decorations in a form of lion signifying their powers as chiefs which many people say is undermining the authority of the Yaa-Naa.

The lion is a totem of Dagbon which signifies strength and power.

It is seen as the king of the jungle and so the strength and might of the lion is equated to the Yaa-Naa.

One thought on “No chief, sub-chief entitled to use lion symbol apart from me – Yaa-Naa roars”
  1. Such warning or alertness should be address at the national house of chiefs to Ashantehene who doubles our symbols ” the lion ” as his footprints when in his throne.
    What an insult ?.
    No explaination to that act should be acceptec

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