Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The beneficiaries of Nation Builders Corp (NABCo) under the Heal Ghana module in the Northern Region has given the NABCo Secretariat up to Friday October 8th, 2021 to pay them their six (6) months arreas.

In a statement copied to, the distressed trainees said several appeals to government through the NABCo Secretariat to release their delayed allowances which has not been paid since April 2021 has gone unheeded.

They said they had to resort to this way of getting the government listened to them by way of demonstrating on the streets to register their displeasure.

According to them, the claim that all of them have been employed is a complete fallacy, describing the rumours as wicked.

Read the full statement bellow:


Six months arrears of NABCo trainees (Heal Ghana module).

We, Trainees of the Heal Ghana module of the Nation Builders’ Corps (NABCo), are facing a lot of challenges with regards to the payment of our monthly allowances. Our allowances have been in arrears for six months now. Authorities said they were verifying to ensure that some of our members, who were made permanent staff, did not continue to receive the allowances. We think it is long overdue for the verification to be complete.

All efforts made to contact the NABCo Secretariat as to what is delaying our payments have proven futile. We are appealing to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NABCo to, as a matter of urgency, pay us our due stipends. Most of our members are not able to feed their families and even afford transportation fare to go to work.

Meanwhile, the NABCo Secretariat has made claims that all trainees have been paid and the general public has been mute over this matter. There have been rumors that all Heal Ghana trainees have been permanently employed. This is not true. The general public can remember that in October, 2018, Heal Ghana, one of the modules of NABCo, was opened for application from all health professionals. People, who were recruited under this module included allied health professionals (nutritionists, lab technicians, physiotherapist, public health officers, health promotion officers, NVTI certified nurses, pharmacists, etc) and so on. Along the line, nurses under the Nursing and Midwifery Council were posted. Therefore, all Heal Ghana trainees cannot be assumed to be permanently employed.

We heard rumors that some trainees under Heal Ghana module are not qualified to be there. Assuming this is true, how were they recruited into the NABCo programme and they worked for over two and half years?

We are therefore, giving the NABCo Secretariat up to FRIDAY, OCTOBER 08, 2021 to pay us all our six months withheld allowance or we will be forced to hit the streets and demonstrate for our payment.

We, the Heal Ghana trainees, wish to appeal to the President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Vice President Dr Bawumia, The Chief of Staff and CEO of NABCo to intervene in this matter.

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