Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Deputy Regional Communications Officer for the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC in the northern region, Iddrisu Hardi Pagaza has responded to the comments by the New Patriotic Party NPP stalwart, Lord Commey that the Nana Addo led administration will hand over power to NPP government.

In a statement copied to, the NDC Communications Officer said though he is not perturbed by the comments, he is only worried that the NDC will win the 2024 elections without northern region as its stronghold as it was in the past.

Read the full statement below:

I have listened to this video and seen it shared on several NDC platforms. Many are those worried especially about Nana Addo’s statement that he will hand over to an NPP government.

I am not worried. The statement by Nana Addo and the speech by Lord Commey have no bearing on the outcome of the 2024 DO OR DIE election. HE John Mahama and the NDC shall win the election and power peacefully handed over to us with no difficulty.

Yes, Nana Addo will hand over power to an NPP government. This is a plan that was drawn before the 2016 election and it’s to take effect in early 2023.

In his desire to cover corrupt officials in the current government, and to further ensure the dominance of the ‘ Akyem sakawa boys ‘ in the financial sector, Nana Addo will step down in early 2023 before the npp national Congress. Dr Bawumia would then be sworn in as president with Alan Cash, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh or Dr Osei Akoto as Veep.

They will then reach a gentle man agreement not to go for election at Congress but confirm Dr Bawumia and his chosen Veep as candidate and running mate respectively. This they think would give the NPP an opportunity to win the election with the subtle support of Jean Mensah and Dr Bossman’s E C.

Little did they know that, John Mahama lost the 2016 election as a seating president. And same will happen in 2024.

My deepest worry, however, is that the great NDC and John Mahama shall win the 2024 election without northern region as a world Bank if things remain same. A revolution is needed in the Region. To regain our enviable position as world Bank of the NDC , both physical and mental revolution is urgently needed now.

We have done it before and we can do it again.

Yes, together we can.

No Retreat No Surrender, No Curve No Bend.


Hardi Pagazaa

Deputy Northern Regional Communication Officer for NDC

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