Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The Lead Consultant of the Dagbon Constitutional Review Committee (DCRC), Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni has denied claims by the Abudu Royal family that the work of the committee is being influenced by retired Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama.

According to him, the only other lawyer who the committee has worked with is one Lawyer Mohammed Shaibu Abdulai of Lugu Chambers and of the Abudu royal family who was co-opted into the committee on the recommendation of the family.

The Abudu Royal family, one of the two royal families of Dagbon on Thursday announced their withdrawal from the process over the alleged bias of members of the Dagbon Constitution Review Committee.

The Abudus said members of the Committee-Lawyer Mohammed Mumuni and Lawyer (Rtd) Ibrahim Abass, both from the Andani family seem to be on a trajectory influenced by Ibrahim Mahama- the Andani family’s age long lawyer, to keep Dagbon in perpetual state of anarchy.

The family also accused the committee of pushing an Andani family agenda to remove the Gushie-Naa from the committee of kingmakers in Dagbon, noting that it was not possible because the Gushiegu Naa per the history of Dagbon has always been the head of that committee.

However in addressing journalists in a rejoinder, the Lead Consultant said “after the collation of the principles agreed upon by the DCRC a lawyer had to be co-opted to join in the legal drafting. It was considered prudent that the lawyer should come from the Abudu gate. Lawyer Mohammed Shaibu Abdulai of Lugu Chambers, who is a lawyer from the Abudu gate and was recommended was accordingly retained to join in the drafting”.

“It is absolutely untrue that Lawyer Ibrahim Mahama played any role in the drafting process” Alhaji Mumuni added.

The Lead Consultant also denied accusations that the committee refused to take into consideration, the Abudu family’s objections on the draft constitution’s claims that the Kugu Naa is the chairman of the kingmakers of Dagbon.

“The petition was addressed to Ndan Ya Na and copied to the DCRC chairman, Naa Yab’ Kugu Naa. It was promptly replied by Ndan Ya Na. It had not been addressed to the DCRC and had not been referred to it from the Gbewaa Palace for action, it fell outside the committee’s responsibility to respond to it” he stressed.

Lawyer Mumuni also dismissed claims by the Abudu family that its representatives had boycotted the sittings of the committee, explaining that Naa Bakpem Kari-Naa who is a member of the Abudu family chaired the meetings of the committee on occasions Naa Yab’ Kugu Naa was absent.

He said despite the challenges, the work of the committee will continue.

The Dagbon Constitution Review Committee was set up in 2020 to review the 1930 Constitution of Dagbon which largely deals with matters of Dagbon namship.

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