Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A journalist with Tamale based Radio Justice, Mumuni Yirifa Yunus has lamented over the mass movement of residents of Tamale to Yendi, Savelugu, Mion, Tolon and other Dagbani speaking communities during Damba festivals.

According to him, it is due to lack of proper organization that leads to this situation in some palaces of various chiefs residing in Tamale.

Read his full statement below:

Of the Damba Festival in Tamale.

I sincerely think that the various palaces in Tamale should rethink how to organize the festival in the city, it has almost certainly lost its pomp and pageantry in the past few years.

It is worth noting that in Gulkpegu, the most marketable aspect of the festival is the Belkulsi (the final day of Damba) because it is on that particular day that thousands of people participate in the festival.

However, the unnecessary factionalism, bickering and chieftaincy feuds in the Tamale Metropolis, coupled with lack of organizational planning have fast deteriorated the beauty of the Damba Belkulsi.

This year was particularly awful, probably ‘blamable’ on the construction of the Tamale Interchange.

The wielding and firing of live ammunition by people who are not warriors (Kambonsi) has also hugely affected the festival.

Let’s find ways to better it, or, we’ll continue to see the mass exodus of people from Tamale to Savelugu, Tolon, Yendi, Kumbungu, Mion, etc, just to experience Damba in its truly traditional nature.

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