Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) for East Gonja Municipal in the Savanna Region, Amadu Tijani has been accused of embezzling funds belonging to the association.

In a petition sighted by to impeach Master Tijaani, the aggrieved personnel alleged that on different occasions the president was given money, only for him to spend it and denied receipt of it.

They catalogued a lot of allegations that have been leveled against their president, Amadu Tijani, and the organizer, Kakinye Foster as;

“A meeting was held at the northern regional capital, Tamale, of which all the NASPA executives including the NSS coordinators were invited. In the meetiig, a lot of issues were discussed including the regional disbursement of funds to the districts. Subsequently, East Gonja Municipal disbursement was given to the president, Amadu Tijani”,

“An amount of 3,405Ghe was given to the president after the meeting. Then back to Salaga. he was asked about this amount and to tne surprise of the executive board, the president, Amadu Tijani said it was only and only 1,280Ghe of the 3,405Ghe that was given to him. The remaining 1,639 GHC was nownere to be traced and never accounted for. Our checks however, revealed his claims were false”, the petition added.

According to them, the executive board held a meeting on how to commence some of the project planned to embark on, the president, Amadu, brought a suggestion that the office of the NSS coordinator should be provided wth an air condition and other equipment but was rejected by the other executives, the reason was that, it is not within the powers of NASPA.

To the surprise of all the executives, the office was provide rcondition, moderm curtains which cost 1,500Ghe and 900Ghe respectively and other renovations at a cost known to him and the organizer, Kakinye Foster, without creating the consciensness of the members of the Association and the and the executve board whose money were being used.

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