Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Some supporters of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the northern region have condemned their colleague, who is currently based in America, Abubakari Shani (Bawumia) for what they describe as “deliberate historical distortions” of Gbewaa zuliya (descendants).

According to them, the actions of Mr. Shani Bawumia is nothing but to create enmity between the two (2) kingdoms ; Mamprugu and Dagbon.

They believe this has a dire consequences and its impact on the vice president, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia who is said to have been eying the presidency after president Akufo-Addo leaves office will be disastrous.

“At a time they should be promoting unity and rallying all Northern tribes behind our brother to help us break the 8, they are busily showing everyone else how they are the true heirs to the Gbewaa throne and others are not. Politically, wrong timing!”, Alhaji Malik Saibu wrote on his Facebook timely.

“We’ll ignore your childish provocations and work hard to make our big brother the Leader of our Party and thus break the 8 and become the next president of this country”, another angry NPP supporter told Bawumia.

“If you truly love him you won’t be starting those needless, useless and unnecessary historical distortions at this time”, he added.


Following the celebration and climax of the 2021 Damba festival yesterday Monday, October 25, Abukari Shani Bawumia took to Facebook wrote and about the origin of the Damba festival.

According to him, it was in 2012 he got to know the name “Damba” is not the right word, but “Damma”, when they paid a visit to the overlord of Mamprugu kingdom, Naa Bohigu Abdullai Mahami Sheriga that he understood the real meaning, describing it as “the takeaway” from the he visit.

“The take-away in that experience for me happened on the day we went to the Nayiri to greet him and say goodbye after the festival . Again, as a spokesperson, I was the one who was given the permission to convey our greetings to the overlord on that faithful meeting”, Shani Bawumia said.

“In fact I nearly lost my chain of thoughts and message. But the only correction that caught my attention was when I mentioned the name of the festival ”Damba”. The Overlord himself interjected and said it called Damma not Damba”, he added.

He concluded that the Mamprugu overlord is a fountain of knowledge keeper of the history of Gbewaa generation.

“For the records, Nayiri is the custodian of all cultures and believes of Naa-Gbewaa clan. Dagbon and Nanung are all under the Nayiri when it comes to practices and beliefs of Naa-Gbewaa clan. So please let’s stop saying ‘Damba festival ‘. The right pronunciation is “Damma Festival”, he warned.

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