Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Residents of Nyohini North, a suburb of Tamale Metropolis have expressed their appreciation to the Mayor of Tamale, Mr. Sule Salifu for attending to their cry over the heap of refuse along the Nyohini roundabout to the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

Speaking to today when the assembly’s Public Relations Officer led a team to collect the garbage, the residents commend Mr. Sule Salifu for responding to them on the issue, adding that it is a mark of good leadership.

“Today I am so excited to see this collected. We want to ensure that after this exercise, we will put a permanent container here to take care of the rubbish. I want to the Tamale Metro Assembly, especially, the mayor, Sule Salifu”, the assemblyman for the area, Ibrahim Abdul Razak Naporo said.

Before the collection of the rubbish

The residents used the opportunity to sound a word of caution to the persons who have the intention of buying the piece of plot meant fo the refuse to be aware that they will not allow that to happen.

“We want to tell those who want to buy this plot to put up their kiosk to beware that we will dump our rubbish in it, if they do so. Because that is where we have been dumping out rubbish”, the residents warned.

Users of that stretch of the road described the situation as a nuisance, adding that the rubbish was an indication of lack of proper sanitation management in within the metropolis.

The garbage has since been evacuated, with support from Zoom Lion Ghana, a waste management and sanitation company.

The Public Relations Officer of the Tamale Metro Assembly, Mr Amadu Mustapha took advantage of the exercise to remind the people of Tamale the assembly bylaws that regulate sanitation management within the metropolis.

He said they will not hesitate to penalize anyone who violates the bylaws by dumping refuse haphazardly.

After the collection of the rubbish

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