Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A young man who declined to give his name has confirmed that he sells fish he catches from polluted waters in the gutters through Jakara-Yili to Kobili Mahagu in the Tamale metropolis to residents and market women.

The fisherman said this when contacted him in the gutter following concerns by well-meaning residents in the area.

“I have been selling the fish to people and market women. I have fished here for a long time. But it is only in rainy season. We halt the fishing activities when it is dry season”, he told the reporter.

When asked if he was a native of the community who had permission from the authority to do so, he answered, “I am not a Dagomba man. But I was born into this fishing job.”

Meanwhile, chief of the area, Kobilimaha Naa Alaasan Bila told that he and his elders never authorized anyone to fish in the gutter through the community.

He however said the city authorities have his permission to allow the law deal with anyone found in the polluted waters fishing.

“I am not aware of anybody fishing in the gutters. Not even my sub-chiefs are aware. The assemblyman and the authority can do anyone found do so”, he declared.

The said gutter passes through Changli, a suburb of Tamale through Jakara-Yili to Kobili Mahagu.

Bathroom and kitchen are at the back of the houses along the gutter have their waste pipes connected to it for proper sewage.

Residents who spoke to this portal said dead animals and aborted babies are dumped in the gutters, adding it is even a place of convenience for many who engage in open dedication.

Some say it is lack of fishing ponds that is causing some poor fishers to move inland, to fish in known contaminated water bodies such the Kobili Mahagu gutters in Tamale for survival.

Watch him fish below:

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