Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Top chiefs from the Abudu Royal family attended the just ended Dagbon Constitutional Review Conference in Tamale despite a boycott by the Abudu family.

On October 21, 2021, The Abudu Royal family announced that it was withdrawing from the process over the alleged bias of members of the Dagbon Constitution Review Committee.

The Abudus said members of the Committee-Lawyer Mohammed Mumuni and Lawyer (Rtd) Ibrahim Abass, both from the Andani family seem to be on a trajectory influenced by Ibrahim Mahama- the Andani family’s age long lawyer, to keep Dagbon in perpetual state of anarchy.

Subsequently, Naa Yab Tolon Naa, Naa Yab Gushe Naa and Naa Bapri Mion lana announced their withdrawal from the 16 member committee.

However, top Abudu chiefs including Naa Bakpem Kari-Naa Abdulai Nantogmah, Naa Yab Diyeli lana, Naa Yab Sunson-Gbaŋlana, Naa Bapri Kpating lana Abdulai Yakubu, Naa Bapri Vo-Naa among other Abudu chiefs participated in the three day conference.

Lead Consultant of the Dagbon Constitutional Review Committee, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni told Justicefmonline’s Mumuni Yirifa Yunus on the sidelines of the conference that the withdrawal of some members of the Abudu Royal family from the committee will not stop it from continuing with its work.

He said even though it was regrettable, it is normal for individuals or groups to withdraw from constitutional review processes, noting that such withdrawal do not affect the process.

The veteran Ghanaian lawyer was responding to concerns about the effects the withdrawal of the Abudu Royal family from the committee on the entire process.

On his part, Naa Bakpem Kari-Naa Abdulai Nantogmah who chaired the conference emphasized the need for the three prominent Abudu chiefs to be brought back on board, noting that, it is the surest way to reach a consensus.

He pledged the commitment of the Committee to work towards bringing them back on the committee.

Prominent Andani chiefs who attended the conference included Naa Yab Kumbung-Naa, Naa Yab Tong lana, Naa Bapri Sagnari-Naa, Naa Yab Nanton Naa, Naa Bapri Zangbalung lana and Naa Bapri Zoggu lana among others.

Source : Justicefmonline

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