Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has removed its Mion Constituency Chairman from office.

The party’s Northern Regional Functional Executive Committee has also banned Alhaji Abdulai Zakaria from holding office for two years.

The decision comes after the party’s disciplinary committee found him guilty of “breach of Oath of Office as provided in article 48(8) of the NDC constitution”.

In April, some members of the NDC filed a petition against the Chairman for anti party conduct, and behavior contributing to the NDCs lost of the Mion seat, with an attached audio recording on which the Chairman is heard encouraging voters to vote against the NDCs interest.

The party Chairman, according to the NDC admitted to being the one captured in the audio recording, plotting the defeat of the former NDC MP for the area, Mohammed Abdul Aziz.

“The committee established on your own admission, that the audio recording attached to the petition contained conversation between you and Abraham.

The statement contained in the tape recording to which you admitted, we’re in breach of your oath of office as provided for by Article 48(8) of the NDC constitution” a letter addressed to the deposed chairman and signed by Mohammed Abdul Salam, Northern Regional Secretary of the NDC stated.


“That guy is not supposed to win again, I mean Aziz [former MP], Aziz must not win again” the removed Mion Constituency NDC Chairman, Alhaji Abdulai Zakaria was heard saying in that leaked telephone conversation.

His removal comes after one Mohammed Abukari and 111 other members of the NDC in the constituency petitioned the Regional Executive Committee of the party over the conduct of the chairman before and during the 2020 Elections.

How the NDC got here

The beef between Alhaji Zakaria and the former NDC MP started during the 2015 primaries of the party when the chairman supported then MP, Dr Ahmed Alhassan Yakubu.

Dr Yakubu was defeated by the former MP, Mohammed Abdul Aziz.

The chairman, even though unhappy, eventually patched his differences with Aziz and he won resoundingly at the parliamentary polls in 2016.

In 2019, old wounds were injured again as the chairman again supported a different candidate, Dr Muawiyya against Aziz at the party’s primaries, again, the then incumbent MP scaled through the primaries.

At this point, the two completely fell out with rumours that the NDC Chairman openly vowed to cause the defeat of the NDC MP.

As it has turned out after the investigations, the NDC chair prior to the 2020 Elections campaigned behind the scenes for the NPP’s Abdul Aziz Ayaaba who eventually won the seat for the NPP for the first time since the creation of the Mion constituency with a margin close to 8,000 votes.

The NPP’s Presidential Candidate, President Akufo Addo also beat the NDC’s John Mahama with close to 2,000 votes, the first time in the history of the constituency.

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