Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Former MP for Mion Constituency, Mohammed Abdul Aziz has disclosed that the former president and flagbearer of the NDC in 2020 general elections, John Dramani Mahama intervened in the impasse between him and the suspended constituency chairman during the last elections.

He said this when he was speaking with the Citi FM’s Umaru Sanda Amadu following the decision of the NDC’s FEC in the northern region yesterday November 22.

“My Regional secretary has spoken to it. Ordinarily, I should not be commenting on this matter because of internal party healing we must all work towards. But to answer your question if I was aware of such sabotage. I will say yes. It was very clear. it wasn’t hidden. I was very much sure. I knew that my chairman was in bed with my opponent. I remember some executives confronted me that we should initiate some action against him, but I thought that was not the right way to go”, the former MP revealed.

“I made a complaint to the Regional Executives to intervene. I made a complaint to the minority leader. And I am aware he engaged him. And the man said there was no problem. But he knew what he was doing on the ground. And this was the chairman of the campaign team. All party resources will pass through him. He would chair all your meetings. And this is a man who was dealing with the other side. If you are going to war and have a divided front. You can not survive. Even when his excellency the president came for us to have a rally in our constituency, he asked me, Aziz, is there any problem? And said no, except that I have issues with my chairman. Even when the flagbearer could speak to you and you were adamant and still continued to do what you did, who else could have intervened?”, he asked.

The NDC’s Northern Regional Functional Executive Committee banned Alhaji Abdulai Zakaria who is the Constituency Chairman from holding office for two years constituting his suspension.

The decision comes after the party’s disciplinary committee found him guilty of “breach of Oath of Office as provided in article 48(8) of the NDC constitution”.

In April, some members of the NDC filed a petition against the Chairman for anti party conduct, and behavior contributing to the NDCs lost of the Mion seat, with an attached audio recording on which the Chairman is heard encouraging voters to vote against the NDCs interest.

The party Chairman, according to the NDC admitted to being the one captured in the audio recording, plotting the defeat of the former NDC MP for the area, Mohammed Abdul Aziz.

“The committee established on your own admission, that the audio recording attached to the petition contained conversation between you and Abraham.

The statement contained in the tape recording to which you admitted, we’re in breach of your oath of office as provided for by Article 48(8) of the NDC constitution” a letter addressed to the deposed chairman and signed by Mohammed Abdul Salam, Northern Regional Secretary of the NDC stated.

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