Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

The chiefs and leadership of the Koomba ethnic group have paid a courtesy call on the King and overlord of Dagbon Ya-Na Abukari II to inform him and the people of Dagbon that they are not Konkombas and not aware of any war with Dagombas.

Speaking on behalf of the Koomba people, the chief of Tuunaayili, Tuunaa Bawah Mohammed lamented that most people have always mistaken them to be Konkombas. He made it clear that Koombas are a total different ethnic group from Konkombas and they want to be recognized and treated as such.
He indicated that, the Koomba people have always served the Kings of Dagbon and the current generation of Koomba are not an exception to that.

He said that there has never been any instance Koombas have had any conflict with Dagombas and that would never happen.

He again lamented that the Kingdom does not recognize them as a different ethnic group to an extent that Koombas are not mentioned whenever the inhabitants of the Dagbon kingdom are mentioned and they want to be treated as an entirely different ethnic group in the kingdom. He added that Konkombas don’t recognize Koombas as part of them as they don’t even understand each other’s languages.

They reaffirmed their loyalty and submission to the Gbewaa throne and indicated their readiness to serve the kingdom whenever the need arises.

The King and overlord of Dagbon Ya-Na Abukari II expressed his happiness and gratitude to the Koomba people and assured them of readiness to give them the necessary recognition as an entirely different ethnic group in the kingdom.

He however expressed worries about how there is still continuous spread of the war mongering on social media but no arrest had been effected after the defence minister and the Konkomba chiefs come to him to deny knowledge of the rumours on social media.

He indicated his disappointment in the security for the lack of interest in arresting such war mongers as such recordings still circulate on the social media even after the various meetings.
He indicated he has been working tirelessly everyday to ensure that no war befalls the kingdom and cautioned all people in the kingdom to beware of things that can mar the peace in the region and country as a whole.

Story : Sualisu Iddrisu,
Gbewaa Palace

One thought on “N/R : You’re our king, we’re not Konkombas –   Koombas pledge allegiance to Yaa-Naa”
  1. We don’t care of whom you are because you don’t know what you are thinking of and you will never be recognize in any kingdom since we need peace and you are separating ethnics. To Tuunayili chief.

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