Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

We are on our KNEES pleading with SOME of our Appointees and Party Executives (from Constituency level to Regional and up to National level) to Change their Behaviors and Attitude towards our Party Grassroots and the Vulnerable Party Supporters in order for us to avoid any further Embarrassment and Disgrace. We (N.P.P) must WIN the 2024 General Elections and this can only happen if our Appointees and Party Executives take our Party Grassroots and the Vulnerable Party Supporters’ Issues and Problems seriously.

I must admit that SOME of them are doing very well at their various Capacities/ Sectors, we will like to remind the other Appointees to reflect back where we came from as a Part and how we got to this place today. The Grassroots of our Party put out their Lives and Wealth to Support this current Administration with the hope that they will benefit something positive after our Victory in 2016. Some of them even contributed Cash and Items to a number of today’s Appointees and Party Executives.

Until some of you learn and accept that when a party is in power the actions/ inactions of government appointees etc without the sanction of the party can have a huge and direct impact on the fortunes of the party.

The good people of this country will never forgive us (N.P.P) most especially SOME of the Appointees of this current Administration if we failed to Win Power come 2024 general Elections. Their Character, Attitude and Behaviors towards the good people of this country, the grassroots of our party will lead us to this Victory or we forget it, if they can’t assist and help our party members at the grassroots level.

If truly we want to retain Power in 2024 then the Party Executives and SOME of the Appointees must be very careful and attend to Grassroot and the Vulnerable Party Supporters.

Even Almighty Allah, if you remain faithful to HIM, you will receive the blessings on earth before the final reward on the day of Judgment.

My opinion though and I don’t intend to step on any toes but if I’ve done that in this writeup, the person or persons involved should please accept my heartfelt Apologies

Thank You



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