Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Manager of Fancy Gadam, Hassan Al-Hussein has replied critics, especially the northern rapper, Maccassio that his artiste’s boot is so expensive that it can buy him bleaching cream for years.

In a Facebook post following comments on the One Don Concert staged last night, November 27, the Manager disclosed the name of the sneaker.

According to him, it is called Balmain B-Bold High named after a French designer, Balmain and it costs in thousands of dollars.

A Google check by indicates that Balmain B-Bold monogram-strap high-top sneakers cost ranges from $1,299 to $1,169 depending on type.

Rivals of the Gadam Nation, 69 fans and their artiste, Maccassio are seen in different platforms mocking Fancy Gadam after his show yesterday.

While some are mocking his dress, others are teasing him for staging a not so patronized show.

Read the full post by Fancy Gadam’s management:

Balmain B – Bold High top is one of the leading Products from Balmain’s Apparel …

Balmain was a French Fashion designer known for his impeccable sophistication and elegance.. One of the leading names in Fashion and design.

The estimated cost for Balmain B-Bold High top is estimated at thousands of USD !!

The price of this sneaker is enough to supply a year of bleaching cream for some people.

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