Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A prince of Kalampor in the East Gonja Municipality is wanted by police following some impasse in the area.

A whole palace house including some other four houses in Kalampor were burnt to ashes.

There has been series of attacks upon on the kalampor palace leading to the palace being raised down.

Though a chieftaincy clash, the recent incident follows allegations of deliberate claims that Prince Abdul Razak issued a warning to Fuseini over several attacks of his family

3 empty gallons of Patrol believed to have been used to set the palace ablaze were found around the palace.

Police intervention has since brought the matter under control.

However, residents have been furious that the palace has been burnt.

About two months ago, Ndefoso was attacked and killed in broad daylight after his appointment to lead the royal family in all traditional meetings.

A prince from kalampor Abdul Razak who is believed to have completed his studies overseas has since not returned.

Residents say they do not know his where about.

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