Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The 69 beautiful fan, Hajia Mariam Adam popularly known on Facebook as Mariam Darlington Empaya has tested negative for HIV/AIDS yesterday Thursday, December 2.

The test was done at St. Martin’s Medical Hospital in Accra, following comments by the the Total Cheat hit-maker, Ahmed Mujahid Bello known in the showbiz as Fancy Gadam when he was reacting to the comments by Mariam Darlington he deemed attack on his person.

A copy of the results she posted on her timeline says “non reactive”, indicating that she is not positive for the deadly virus.

A story published on this portal on November 30 said :

Meet the 69 beautiful fan Fancy Gadam alleges she is HIV AIDS positive

A dye-in-the-wool fan of the 69 music, who is identified by her Facebook account as Mariam Darlington Empaya has been asked not to infect the people of Tamale with HIV AIDS she  allegedly brought from Saudi Arabia.

This was made by the Total Cheat hit-maker, Ahmed Mujahid Bello known by his stage name as Fancy Gadam when he was replying Mariam’s comment that appeared like an attack on his person.

“But wait you’re also bleaching or u forget isn’t only Maccasio who’s bleaching. Fancy Gadam just look At your Legs down you’ll know what l’m talking about wai. Masa malzani naaa Lome nema x colour puhriya 9. I’l be back to explain myself baby fancy”, Mariam Darlington Empaya commented on Fancy’s post on bleaching.

“Mariam Darlington Empaya you came with your HIV from saudi to ruin tamale people right ? Baby empaya don’t infect Tamale people ooo”, Gadam replied.

So far many music lovers have condemned the musician for using such words on fans of his rival, saying it was below the belt. is keenly monitoring the situation and will keep you updated when Empaya reacts.

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