Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni, I am a beneficiary of democracy. I believe the worst form of democracy is better than the meekest dictator.

That said, freedom of speech is a non-negotiable ingredient of a democracy. You are one of the biggest beneficiaries. After ‘lying’ about guinea fowls flying to Burkina Faso to achieve whatever political agenda you had against John Mahama, you were never arrested.

Even when you could have set the records straight, you chose not to. You were never arrested. You watched on with glee as Mahama was bastardised with that story, which you would later come to admit was a ‘joke’. Mahama actually had the love to come and buy your book. Bless his soul!

We all cried foul, not guinea fowl, when the Akufo-Addo government descended on you for less. When you had to flee the Country and live in constant fear. Looking over your shoulder, driving round in circles every night before you go home, we said it was wrong. What was your offence? Speaking about the ills of the State.

A true democracy does not use intimidation to silence its critics. It does not make journalists go under or fear for their life. You have lost your spine under this government and you think all is well? I would never support usurping elected authority but I cannot tolerate despotism disguised as democracy.

You, should be the last person to ever seek to silence critical voices in a democracy. They may be uncomfortable, they may be discordant but they sure are better than the silence characteristic of a military junta.

We have intolerant dictators who hate the sound of dissent camouflage themselves as apostles of democracy rule our Nation today. If you have lost your voice out of fear, continue to cower in your hole and let men and women with BALLS speak up to save our democracy.

Long live the 4th Republic. Cheers.

Below is what the journalist wrote:

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