Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

It is fascinating to note that the world is changing from what some modernists describe as “stone age era” to a time where relationship between couples is seen as “mutual affair”.

In the past, a husband cleaning or cooking to feed his wife could be termed as weakness on his part, but it is changing in today’s world.

Many women look 3 times older than their age because of stress and exhaustion due to lack of help from their partners in carrying out the household chores.

Some men marry them and then turn them into maids, seat down in front of the TV with their phones and watch the wife work until she’s about to pass out and just before she sleeps, they still want sex?

In the case of Metro TV’s journalist, Bridget Otoo, one can describe her as very lucky, because in less than a week after she did the video asking for potential husbands to apply, she has been inundated with application letters across the world.

In one of the screenshots, a professional chef  living in abroad sent his details to Bridget in a form of resume, asking for the greenlight before he would move to Ghana ASAP.

“I’m professional chef i went to kilburn polytechnic and went to Croydon college to study catering. I’m single I’m looking forward to have woman whomi can cook for and clean the house we both live in. I can cook English and continental dishes and African dishes. If you are still interested please don’t hesitate to let me know I willl be on the next plane to Ghana”, the applicant said.

See the screenshots below:

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