Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Former Programmes Manager of Tamale based Gbangu FM, Ibrahim Bawa has confirmed that he had offered oblations(suhusi) on number of occasions and produce charms for people while as PMof the station, denying that he was the one who initiated the act.

He said this on Friday’s evening on Zaa Radio dubbed Zaa Kootu (court) hosted by legendary Mohammed Abdul Rashid popularly known as Bra Rashid or Kawastone.

According to the former Programmes Manager, someone started the act when the station was being ran by them, but was quick to resist the temptation to disclose the identity of the said person.

Explaining to Kawastone, he said his paternal and maternal grandparents were noted for their great knowledge in producing charms for people in need of their help.

He argued that it has been passed down to him in a form of inheritance, which he is very good at.

“It is I used to produce charms for people at the station. And this was upon request to solve one problem or another. It wasn’t like I took it upon myself to be doing that. And anytime you saw me producing a charm at the station, it was because I didn’t want to waste that leisure time”, he said.

“But we need to make this one clear. As for the oblations (bihim suhusi), I was not the one who started it. But because I don’t want to expose that person, I won’t go further. I will wish we skip this matter…”, the former Programmes Manager told Zaa Kootu host.

He also used the opportunity to dispell notions that he was once caught in some odd hours burying a chsrm at the station, and that it was a lie that he was responsible for the break down of the station’s console by thunder sometime ago when it was raining.

There has been rumours of Radio Presenters in the north resorting to spiritual means to bring down their colleagues or take over.

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