Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Ghanaian professional teacher and social media influencer, Michael Owusu Afriyie well known as Teacher Kwadwo who in before the 2016 elections said the then President, John Dramani Mahama should have been killed by has dropped an emotional message on his Facebook wall following GES’ termination of his contract with the education body, begging for money through MoMo from NDC supporters.

A few hours ago, the part-time comedian broke the disheartening news on his social media pages and additionally accused some leading members in the GES of tirelessly plotting his downfall and sack.

In his own words as sighted by on his Facebook wall he wrote : “All NDC people should send me MoMo now else I will cry”.

Okay, so for some “PROFESSIONAL” reasons I can’t post the content of the letter here but all that is in the letter is that, My District Education Office through Ghana Education Service says that, they have sacked me. Their reasons are very funny. This is going to be the 1st ever TEACHER vs GES fight in the history of Ghana Education. Y’all relax because it will be all over the news soon and y’all will know the head and tail of it. ?b?y? butubutu.”

“The SACKING letter that was given to me yesterday is dated “27th october 2021”. Abeg what was yesterday’s date? Meaning, they have typed the letter looooong time and was looking for an opportunity but since they don’t get it, they have given it to me like that. W?n atet? me aky?!

Many Ghanaians on the internet have severely roasted GES for its inconsiderate and vile move citing how Teacher Kwadwo has been using his hard-earned reputation to solicit funds from corporate bodies to renovate old schools.

However, as talks are ongoing behind the scenes for GES to consider its abnormably wicked action against Teacher Kwadwo.

A new post that has been spotted on his Facebook wall and arouses emotions confirms that his soul has left the teaching profession.

According to Teacher Kwadwo, he’s not going back to the classroom although he will be dragging GES to court.

He also expressed his concern for all the kids he fed in school and also provided them with uniforms.

In another breath, the sacked teacher said, “Sorry to disappoint most of u but there is no way I am going back to the classroom. The road ends here.Teaching has been my passion all this while but I think I landed in a wrong the adage goes…”Odiifo? biara nni animuonyam w? ne kuro mu”Moreover,I am taking this matter to COURT not for anything but just to make the world see the rots in Ghana Education Service CLEARLY.The kids will miss me and I will miss them so much.All the best to Ghana teachers. I wasn’t doing all this for myself. I was doing it for “US” but it’s unfortunate it has to end here. I hope someone comes to continue from where I left.Nyame nka mo ho. babaaaae”

Prior to Teacher Kwadwo’s dismissal, he was summoned by GES for ‘professional misconduct.’ He faced the Akrofuom District Education Directorate on August 10, 2021.

He has been one of the most outspoken educators in recent years, urging the Ghana Education Service to improve the country’s educational system.

Teacher Kwadwo has been touring various parts of the country to bring to light some of the early challenges facing the education sector, ranging from poor remuneration to poor classrooms.

Although the GES has not explained its decision, Teacher Kwadwo insists that it is the result of his intensive social media campaign aimed at highlighting major issues affecting the teaching profession and the need for immediate attention.

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