Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The Tamale Central Hospital has announced the suspension of all surgeries, effective Thursday 23rd December 2021.

“The decision has been necessitated by the shortage of essential supplies and water in the hospital”, a memo from the Specialist Surgeon to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital and in circulation on social media explained.

Patients visiting the hospital have over the last three weeks been forced to buy almost all consumables needed for surgeries. With increased media discussions of the development, the hospital has decided to suspend all surgeries.

The Tamale Central Hospital was designate the northern regional hospital following the upgrading of the Tamale Teaching Hospital as a teaching and referral hospital.

It will be recalled that four years ago, the facility became topic for discussion across many media outlets in the Northern Region due to the many challenges that made it making it almost impossible for management to run it effectively and efficiently.

According to the administrator of the hospital then, Abdulai Fatawu, there had been many occasions they could not provide syringes, cotton, gloves and other consumables for nurses and doctors to use in the wards and theatres.

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