Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Former journalist with The Media General, Bridget Otoo has disclosed that her former employer failed her when she needed them most to stand with her against NPP allegations to take her off the screens in 2016, praying that they don’t fail the current host of the TV3 Morning Show, Johnny Hughes.

This she said when she was commenting on Mensah Thompson’s post regarding the NPP’s boycott of the TV3 Morning Show, a segment designed to review news papers with political party communicators as guests on weekdays.

“The year is 2016, the presenter is Bridget Otoo, the results is they succeeded and had their way. I pray they don’t succeed this time. Every journalist has a right to their opinion, to critique or be critical of persons voted for and entrusted with state resources. You  may not like their opinion but forcing a station to remove presenters you do not like is draconian and primitive”, Bridget wrote.

“I pray more stations stand firm against such unwarranted political party interference. TV3 couldn’t do it for me but I hope they do it for Johnny.  I will share exactly what and how they said it…. Maybe in my book… soon!”, she concluded.

There have been rumours that governing NPP has decided to boycott the platform due to constant criticism of the Akufo-Addo’s government by the morning show host, Johnny Hughes.

Below is what Mensah Thompson wrote:

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