Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Younger brother of the Tamale North Constituency legislator, Sayibu Hamza Suhuyini has identified and supported a hard-working social media communicator of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) with huge sums of money to enable him celebrate the holidays and Christmas.

Mr. Suhuyini Hamza who is currently based in the England took to Facebook to ask NDC supporters to pinpoint one comrade who has dedicated his time and energy to project the party though without someone at the top called a godfather to help him.

Commenting on his Facebook post, one person identified by his Facebook name as Abdul Hameed got so many mentions by different NDC social media communicators, making him the winner of the monitory reward for unshaken loyalty to the NDC.

Below is a screenshot of Mr. Hamza Suhuyini who until the New Patriotic Party NPP took over was in charge of Media and Publicity of Road Fund under ministry of Roads and Highways.

Read also Abdul Hameed’s appreciation post:

Earlier this afternoon our senior Comrade Hamza S Suhuyini  posted this (screenshot below) on his timeline… In no time my notifications were flooded with mentions of my name led by Dr. Sharif Mahmud Khalid, Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo and so many of you Comrades. Few minutes ago I received a cash reward of a GH¢1,000. I want to thank all of you for nominating me and appreciating what I do here. It has been a humbling afternoon for me.

This year actually has been the year I have received thumbs up from many comrades on this platform. I equally have enjoyed a lot of correction in the inbox when I get it wrong… and there are those who point to me, what I haven’t seen to shape my understanding of things. There are comrades who have helped me with lots of useful information in my inbox before I come out with a post, this especially applies to those whose jobs do not allow them to do politics. That’s why I dey bore when after suffering to make a post, someone will appear from nowhere and say it’s all lies. Kaman how? I am sincerely grateful to you all. I look forward to a better 2022 with all of us making giant steps.

Earlier this year my brother Adams Baba-Adams and myself together with other benevolent souls have been looking for means to encourage reading among our siblings back home. We started with the donation of a few books to the Shehu Umaru Memorial JHS followed by some pep talks. We have been thinking of ways to have a greater impact despite the distance between where we are now and home. Hopefully in the next year, we will find a way around it. In that light, 70% of the cash amount will be dedicated to that cause. A few comrades and friends here have told me they’ll be willing to support. I’ll be looking forward. Don’t ask me what the 30% will be used for.

For our party, we have a lot to do and we shall definitely not rest. As you’ll bear witness there are times we’ve been disappointed and there are times we’ve thrown tantrums but what is yours remains yours… we have always returned strongly to help lift the party sometimes at great discomfort. I’m not alone in this. There are many of you here doing everything to project the party. Don’t stop. Let us not relent on our efforts to recapture power in 2024 and let’s pray that we all have the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the party and the country.

Say a big thank you to Hamza on my behalf.

The beneficiary, Abdul Hameed

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