Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Former Mayor of Tamale metropolis, Iddrisu Musah Superior has chastised the general secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, blaming him for the party’s poor performance in the last elections, relative to number of seats in parliament.

According to him, Mr. John Boadu should have resigned to admit that he failed to ensure the NPP MPs retained their majority seats to control the house of the legislature in the Akufo-Addo’s second term.

“Everyone has seen the clear failure. From 160 MPs to 137 MPs. That is a disaster. If I were the general secretary of the party, I would resign. I am telling you. It is indictment. A total mess. That is why NDC has the gust to bully us and do whatever they want. Trying to stop us from passing our budget because we have a hung parliament”, he said.

Mr. Superior who was also a special aide to candidate Akufo-Addo however believed the decision of the independent MP to support NPP was laudable, and it was due to his strong loyalty to the party.

To him, the NPP in as a government was saved by him, and the party owes him so much, else it would have been a party in power, yet minority in parliament.

“If not because the independent candidate is a true party person, we would have been in trouble. Look at what they did to him. Allow an open contest. He has saved us (NPP) in parliament. So whoever says the party is healthy is lying to himself”, the general secretary aspirant told the media.

Mr. Musah Superior last year declared his intention to contest for the NPP general secretary position, saying that it was time to for the party’s structure to work.

The deputy Chief Executive Officer of Forestry Commission will be contesting against the incumbent, John Boadu.

Other aspiring general secretary contenders are Justin Kodua Frimpong, Youth Enterprise Agency (YEA) Chief Executive, Fredrick Opare-Ansah, former MP for Suhum among others Mr. Charles Bisiw.

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