Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Chief of Savelugu, Yoo Naa Abdulai Andani has called on the people of Nunung to settle their differences and unite for the development of the area.

The former regent of Dagbon made the call when he visited the Nanung kingdom over the weekends at the palace.

According to him, the two (2) kingdoms ; Dagbon and Nanung are one, because they both are descendants of Naa Gbewaa.

“I am here purposely to strengthen the bond that holds Dagbon and Nanung together. Bimbila and Dagbon are one. We all know how our ancestors related together. We brothers and sisters. We need to continue from where our ancestors stopped. If there is a need to support one another, let’s do that”, he told the people of Bimbila.

“I want to plead with the people of Bimbila be to exercise patience. If you take a critical look at our part of the country, the fights we have witnessed so far have sent us backwards. In terms of economy and healthcare delivery and even education. That is why anytime there is a call on government to fix one of two developmental problem, they say there is no money. Because of the conflict, they have put the money into conflict resolution”, the chief added.

Until his enskinment in 2019 as the Yoo-Na of Savelugu (Paramount Chief of Savelugu) in the Northern Region, he was the regent of Dagbon from 2006 under president Agyekum Kufour.

The Dagbon Kingdom was in stalemate for decades, but many said his decision to accept the Savelugu chieftaincy title brought total peace into the kingdom, bringing an end to the Abudu and Andani war in the area.

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