Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Dear Tolon Naa Yakubu,


I visit your eternal resting abode as a disgruntled patriot, who have had to watch, rather sadly, as your hard-fought legacy and the tradition you coauthored with the rest of our founding fathers bleed into oblivion. I disturb your peaceful trance, not for a glory-seeking quest, but to flood your resting place with tears shed out of sheer disappointment and anguish as a result of utter digression from your path — a trail you earnestly forged and passionately guarded till your demise.

Your Eminence, our party, a party I am sure, occupied a part of your heart in your days as a patriot, like the tides of an ocean, rose and fell on several counts — however, we are currently experiencing a decline, a kind of which we hitherto never experienced. We fought inwardly on varied occasions, but this fight we are currently experiencing, is alien to the mores of our party and or the tradition you so nobly advanced. We look drearily helpless, as the path you and other founders forged, fade out at the foot of a giant mountain of greed and selfishness.

We have lost the tenets of our party; even so, the foundation on which your ideas bloomed and took its roots is now shaky and woefully infertile for maturation of political dreams. The tradition which was hallowed yesterday by your blood and sweat, is now increasingly desecrated by the sweat and blood of your progeny —the people you sadly bequeathed the survival of this onerous tradition to.

Your Eminence, the cradle of the party you left a couple of decades ago is freedom —its purpose and direction was grounded on the idea that, men, short or tall, fat or slim, white or black, from all corners of the country must be given an equal chance to flourish effortlessly. That, true development, the essence of statehood, be the core of this great tradition. But, after seeing glimpses of the Utopia you, Dr. K. A Busia, JB Danquah, S.D Dombo and others envisioned for this great party, we have begun, through clear faults of ours, experiencing shortfalls typical of an institution destined to crumble.

Prince Tipariga, writer

Greed, our nemesis as a party and, a Republic, has treated and still treating us to its wondrous hospitality —a treat that engulfed every level of our political life. We have segregated into several sects. I am not sure this was your idea of our party’s growth. With each sect holding firmly to its interest and greed, we have helplessly been segregated! With each sect not willing to yield to a truer and common path of our party’s core objective, we have segregated beyond believe, yes, we have! Let your spirit visit us these days —it would have met a rather sad and helpless N.P.P, Chief.

Your Eminence, when it came to in-house leadership struggle during your days, you also disagreed momentarily. Over ideas and direction our party should trek along, you mostly disagreed. But, unlike us, you mostly unite almost immediately. You mostly buckle up, together, to serve the party again —chief, why are we missing this sense of duty today? Why are we missing your unscathed level of patriotism? Why are we now criminalizing and victimizing our own? I should not ask you these questions, I know, but where can I turn to with these questions, Chief?

You supported longevity, commitment, hard work and dedication —today your name is being dragged along with a selfish and tribalistic campaign that seeks to marginalize a few of us who decided to stay true to your selfless political philosophy. Today, N.P.P Northern Region is at war with Northern patriots who saw reason with your core values —longevity, commitment, hard work and dedication.

Chief, I am sure the name Alan Kyerematen still resonates from the walls of your abode; a name that now symbolizes sacrifice and selflessness. His dedication and steadfastness to your tradition are no longer strangers to the silence of your grave; yet we are selectively victimized over the candidature of another man whose introduction needs another letter —I promise to write to you soon!

Your Eminence, have you not heard spirits gossip about the Alan-Bawumia race that is dwindling the fortunes of your beloved party, our party? Do you not hear birds sing about it too? You haven’t slept long to know that, we collectively choose who leads our party. You haven’t slept long to know that it has always been premised on the ideals of democracy —that we all may side with whose values and ideas we lay faith in.

Unfortunately, Chief, it is so sickening to know that supporters of Alan Kyerematen, a founding member and a major financier of our party since 1992, are now being subjected to unimaginable cruelties, as though they rather are supporters of a stranger. But, Chief, we have been cornered and pushed beyond our limits —so much so that, the only thing keeping us on this path, is the will to never betray your memory; your beliefs and everything you stood for.

Some notable Northern supporters of Alan, have suffered gravely. Some have been suspended from executive capacities, many others have lost their jobs and a greater number are hugely discriminated against at the face of opportunities —Chief, is this the development in freedom you so passionately professed during your days in active politics?

Is it the party you labored to nurse and nurture at every remote corner of Northern region? I wish you could provide answers to my questions. Even more sadly, I wish you have the ears for them. But you are long lost in your slumber, leaving us at the mercy of people who are bent on twisting our traditions and scratching off everything you have written across the face of history.

If you are reading this, Chief, please relay it to JB Danquah. Let S.D Dombo read some too and tell him to leave it original for Dr. K.A Busia’s ears too. Let them feel your anger and sorrow, as everything you toiled to structure continues to break down gradually, while the people you entrusted it to sit unperturbed.

Ask them every question I asked you and tell them you have all seen the political sins bedeviling the house you left behind. Tell them we have been insulted, suffered altercations, suspension and dismissals for the same crime you committed for Dr. K. A Busia, the same crime you committed for Prof. Adu Boahen, J. A Kuffour and even President Akuffo Addo —a crime that only brightened our party’s future. That for the same principle you used in siding with Dr. K. A Busia, we are considered anti-Northern Region.

And, if you are less busy, Chief, write back to me and tell me every detail of the pact you signed —that, leadership of our party was to alternate between Akyems, Ashantis and Northerners; tell me when and where you signed it, if you actually did. I do not intend to disturb your sleep further, Chief, alas, I implore eternal bliss to your abode and when the rain stops and a sun of hope shines, I will write to you again. Till then, your reply would be a benevolent guest and my visitation to your shore is sure as dawn. Sleep well, Chief!

Your Patriotic Grandson,

President, North4Alan.

Prinx Alhassan Tipariga

Contact: 024 794 0573

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