Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

District Chief Executive (DCE) for Nanton, Abdulai Murtada has allegedly thrown the  New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) constitution to the dogs, as he is acting contrary to the party’s rules.

Information in the Nanton constituency reaching indicates that the DCE, since his confirmation in September last year has been holding onto the constituency secretary position.

Our checks have revealed he has allegedly withdrawn fifteen thousand (15, 000) Ghana cedis in less than four (4) months from the party’s coffers, because he is still a signatory to the NPP Nanton constituency account.

Other sources alleged he still drives the party’s car meant for the constituency secretary, even though the official car assigned to the DCE office is in a very good condition and at his disposal.

Nanton DCE, Abdulai Murtala

Meanwhile, article 6:13 of the NPP constitution says;

“Any vacancy which may occur for whatever reason in the membership of the Constituency Executive Committee shall be filled in the case of the Constituency Chairperson by the 1st Constituency Vice Chairperson; in the case of 1st Constituency Vice Chairperson by the 2nd Vice Chairperson, and in the case of the 2nd Constituency Vice Chairperson, Constituency Secretary and Constituency Treasurer, by election by the Executive Committee of another officer to hold such

In the case of any other Constituency Officer, the Constituency Executive Committee shall appoint somebody to act. Any person elected or appointed to fill a vacancy shall vacate his or her office at the same time as the other Constituency Officers at the end of the term of four (4) years. In the case of the Financial Secretary, the Constituency Executive
Committee shall appoint someone to act in his or her place until a substantive appointment is made.”

This was tested in the case of the current Deputy Regional Secretary of the NPP, Yussif Danjumma when he was appointed to fill the position, following the vacancy as a results of the Regional creation in 2019, his deputy in Tamale South Constituency, Mohammed Soawi was appointed to occupy the position Danjumma left.

And even in Nanton Constituency, the same incident was witnessed prior to the elections that birthed the DCE as then Constituency Secretary for the Constituency.

But grapevine has it that the MP for the area, Alhaji Hardi Tuferu is the brain behind the total exhibition of belligerence displayed by the DCE, because he has a candidate he wants to succeed the DCE who is not part of the current crop of the NPP Constituency executives.

More details coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Coup d’état in Nanton, as DCE refuses to hand over NPP secretary position”
  1. So far as there is assistant secretary, he suppose to act in the absence of the secretary vacant position. However, the position remain vacant till the next constituency delegate Congress is held. Concerning the partys car, the chairman is suppose to take charge of it since every MCE has his/her car which is far better than the constituency pick up

  2. When you look at what is happening in northern region here it is not good at all.
    Polling station,constituency,regional and even national executives are using the law as what they want.
    We want to break the eight but what our leaders are doing, hmmmmmm.

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