Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

A very emotional story shared by Crime Check TV details how a costly mistake from a MoMo vendor landed her in jail with additional punishments. 

Identified simply as Gifty, the young lady recounted that while discharging her duty as a Mobile Money merchant, she mistakenly sent ₵30,000 instead of ₵3,000 to a client who hurriedly withdrew all the money and switched off his phone.

MTN Ghana confirmed the anomaly and revealed the person has withdrawn the money and probably thrown away his SIM card somewhere.

The rest of the story as narrated by Crime Check TV on its official Facebook page is as follows.

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“Whiles sending three thousand cedis MoMo for a client, Gifty says she mistakenly sends thirty thousand cedis but found out rather late in the evening when balancing her books. MTN confirms that the recipient has withdrawn the money. All efforts to get him proves futile as he refuses to pick up his calls.

A teary Gifty agrees with her poor parents to pay 1000 cedis every month to her boss. Her boss agrees. She pays the exact amount every month for four months to the police, but pays 800 cedis on the 5th month.

She says her boss becomes angry and causes her arrest. She claims she couldn’t tell the judge she is paying the money because of the shock of being in court for the first time.

She is given a two and a half years sentence and still asked to pay the money to the complainant when she is discharged. Gifty was discharged yesterday after serving her sentence.

Though she enrolled on the UCC distance education for undergraduates whiles in prison, she still had tears flowing freely on her cheeks after gaining her freedom. Does she deserve her sentence or there could have been some form of miscarriage of justice?”

Watch the video below:

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